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Community Events
Autism Society
Sensory Friendly Films
AMC and the Autism Society partner together to offer unique movie showing where the lights are turned up, and the sound is turned down, so you can get up to dance, walk, shout or sing! The Sensory Friendly Program is available on the 2nd and 4th Saturday (family-friendly, and Tuesday evenings (mature audiences) of every month.
CLICK HERE to check your local theatre listings for specific showtimes.

Autism Society of NC
Autism Society of NC Special Events Page

Gain Knowledge through Toolkits developed by the Autism Society of NC
Afterschool Program at Camp Royall
Awareness and Acceptance
Camp Royall
Eastern NC Social Recreation Programs

Webinars & Workshops
CLICK HERE for Archived Webinars

Autism Speaks
Autism Friendly Events

Tele-Learning Programs

Disability Right NC
View 2 videos and a guide in reference to changes of the Innovation Waiver.

Get Air High Point
Every Saturday, starting June 3rd from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM, special needs customers will enjoy 30% off admission, lowered music volumes, and lots of fun interaction with all features all to themselves.
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NC Museum of Natural Science
Naturalist Program
Every Monday, the Museum hands-on learning exhibit, the Naturalist Center, is closed to the public and reserved for this program. Students learn to be scientist with a live animal presentation and tour of the unique exhibit.
Naturalist Programs are schedule every Monday between 9 AM - 5 PM.
CLICK HERE to schedule a program

Guided Tactile Tour
This is a tour ofexhibits featuring North Carolina’s diverse and beautiful natural habitats and inhabitants. Highlights include Atlantic Ocean whales, a giant salamander of the Appalachian Mountains, and the Terror of the South – Acro the Acrocanthosaurus!
To schedule a Guided Tactile Tour contact David Wood at (919) 707-9819

Voices Together
The NC Triangle Area
This Evidence-Based Music Therapy Program helps individuals gain skills that empower them to express their feelings, overcome obstacles, connect with others and self-manage behavior.
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St. Gerard House
Family Group Night
2nd Monday of every month
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Summer Camps 2018
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Community Resources
2017 Summer Camp Directory: A Free Resource Guide for Families With Children Who Have Special Needs
  • Family Support Program (UNC School of Social Work)
Autism Society of North Carolina
Autism Speaks - North Carolina
Exceptional Children's Assistance Center (ECAC)
  • This is a training and information center that provides free information and assistance with educational issues to parents of children with disabilities. They offer a lending library, newsletter, and a Parent Info Line answered by parents. Telephone toll free 800.962.6817 or 704.892.1321.
Family Support Network of North Carolina (FSN)
  • Family Support Network of North Carolina promotes and provides support for families with children who have special needs. A directory is provided that enables families to search for national and state organizations. Telephone toll free 800.852.0042.
NC Department of Public Instruction - Exceptional Children Division
Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
  • The U.S. Department of Education - Office of Civil Rights provides answers to questions most frequently asked about disability discrimination.
TEACCH Autism Program
Victory Junction
  • Victory Junction enriches the lives of children with chronic medical conditions or serious illness by providing life-changing experiences that are exciting, fun, and empowering; all in a medically-sounds environment at no cost to the camper or their family.
  • Offers a day camp for families who have children with autism.
  • CLICK HERE to find out more.

Online Resources
7 Steps to Take a Stand Against Bullying
10 Ways to Build Independence from Preschool to High School
10 Steps to Help Your Teen with Autism Navigate Dating
12 Steps to Help Adults with Autism Find the Right Job
A Closer Look at Sleep Disorders with Autism
A Grandparents Guide to Autism
Accommodation Resources: Autism Spectrum Disorders/Asperger Syndrome
Accredited Online Colleges and Disability Education
  • This site provides information on accessing supports for students with disabilities for Online Colleges and Universities.
Autism & Anxiety: Parents Seek Help for Extreme Reaction to a Load Noise - Autism Speaks Article
Autism and Dental Care: A Guide for their Oral Treatment
Autism-Related Challenges Persist Well Into Adulthood, Study Shows
Autism and School Phobia: Parents Seek Help for Anxious Teen - Autism Speaks Article
Autism and the Transition to Adult Healthcare: Guidelines for Lifelong Care
Autism Speaks Tele-Learning Programs
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sleep
Bullying: Empowering our Students with ASD
Catch Them Being Good: The Power of Praise
Caring4OurKids: Resource Site for Parents by Parents
Center for Disease Control - Autism Spectrum Disorder
Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit
Creating a Home Where Your Child can Thrive with a Disability
Estate Planning for Parents of Children with Autism
Families: Learn How to Find Autism-Friendly Colleges
Family Support Tool Kits
Help for Grandparents Understanding Autism
Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping
How is Autism Treated?
How to Help as a Grandparent
How to Help Your Child with Autism Overcome Picky Eating
Individualized Education Program (IEP) Guide
Innovations Waiver Webinar
Insurance Resources
Limited Guardianship & Alternatives to Guardianship Brochure

Many Young Adults with Autism also Have Mental Health Issues
Moving with Specials Needs Kids - A Guide for Parents
National Autism Center Resources for Parents
Natural Disaster Resources for Families Affected by Autism
New Diagnosis Resources
Operation Autism: A Resource Guide for Military Families
Parent and Educator Resource Guide to Section 504 in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education: NC Notice of Procedural Safeguards
  • Parent Rights
  • Parent Rights (Spanish)
  • It is important that you understand the Procedural Safeguards (legal rights) provided for you and your child with a disability. In this document, you will find a new section in more user-friendly language that summarizes the rights and responsibilities of parents in the special education process. Acronyms and terms often used in special education and resources for parents are found in the appendices.
Parent Tips: Picky Eating
Postsecondary Educational Opportunities Guide - Autism Speaks
Preparing for College Webinar
Seeing the World from a Different Angle: A Travel Resource Guide for Parents - Autism Society of NC Blog
Sesame Street Autism Resources
Seven Ways to Help a Picky Eater with Autism
Social Narratives to Support our Loved Ones with Autism
Theme Parks Move to Accommodate Autistic Guests
Tool Kit: Sleep Strategies for Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder - A Guide for Parents!
Tools and Information for IEPs
Understanding Individualized Educations Programs (IEPs)